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Thursday, January 6, 2011


How the hell this did guy know about it ?

Noorie was a Bhatti acquaintance, a shapely with muscles that could give air vacuum a run for its hold. 

I had learnt the ropes with her.

We were a wild pair, sneaking out always and she was one horny lady. I respected for just one thing; crystal clarity in life. 

Like Bhatti she had it all chalked out, she would be palmed off to the wealthiest landowner for the rest of her life, and she wanted some fun before it. 

She was crazy and her craziness acted like an impetus to my madness. 

The worst we had was a day locked in some far off room which she had arranged, with a load of nice and very very nice movies of every category imaginable. She insisted we…. well draw inspiration from all the stuff in there, and we did exactly that, just surviving on a pure carbohydrate diet, liquid carbohydrates.(!!) .I still remember the headache I had the next morning and the pain in the most obvious part .I

t was worse because there was nothing to throw out and feel better.

But I had told nobody about it, not even Bhatti….. how did this guy know??

Seeing the look of astonishment on my face , Krishna said "Noorie is from my village, I met her during a wedding at the village itself, and I mentioned that you studied near her place. She did not say anything but I could guess that you were up to something, and knowing Noorie it is not hard to guess".

I wanted Noorie suddenly...................

But her rules............. were clear, nothing doing after college. If she ever saw me near her place she would scream bloody murder.

And assured me that  she said she would be the first to swing the well oiled bamboo on my skull and ..................I had no doubt she doing it too.

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 That's all folks !! My tenacity  lasts only till Noorie..... :) Thanks to you all ........ if you have stuck around the entire GDC(Gyaan Distribution Ceremony!) of 

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