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Friday, June 25, 2010

Reddy Brothers - India's Gift to Afghansistan !

This is a satire.

Saturday morning, the first article that caught my eye was the resignation of the loakayukta in Karnataka.

What could the loakayukta have done? His effort, at stemming the menace was mocked at each step. Dismissed corrupt IAS officers were reinstated the next day; seized material is whisked off without a second thought.

Now ,consider this I had a news article describing Afghanistan as the “Saudi is to oil as Afghanistan is to mineral reserves, particularly lithium”.

Now look at the way we think, I put the two together and devised a business opportunity for India. I saw, India should consider exporting the Reddy brothers as business ambassadors to Afghanistan. In fact this is the opportune time, US is mulling over possible measures to cash its lottery ticket, and China is busy flexing its Yuan muscle, (newly floating).

Reddy brothers have a talent that many Indians have, resourcefulness (or in desi lingo Jugaad).They rule Bellary, in fact one of my colleagues said that their clout extends the whole of Karnataka. YSR was to a certain extent able to stem their impunity at mocking the law, but Yedurappa, well sample his statement” It is regrettable that the Loakayukta has resigned, but I am afraid I cannot grant suo moto powers to the post. For this is a cabinet decision and we would have to debate and discuss it”

When they can make money in India, and hold an entire government to ransom, what is poor little Afghanistan. Torn by years of war, there would have emerged many small factions or centers of regional autonomy. Centralized rule is non existent and that perhaps explains the presence of US troops.(US’s idea of stability is , point a gun and law prevails).And with poor Karzai ranking as one of the lowest paid head of the states , his economic or political clout would be non existent.

If anybody can get the lithium out to cater to the demand for mobiles and laptops it is Reddy brothers. In fact it would do well to Sunil Mittal in light of his Zain acquisition and Mukesh with his ambitious 3G mobile telephony plan to seriously consider this as a viable opportunity !!