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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Hare & Tortoise

Yeah , Yeah...we have all heard of varying versions of that.It has been adopeted in managemnt teachings, in countless email forwards, funny presentations so what more could one expect from a two character anecdote?

My thoughts exactly till I read a post by Mukul Sharma on the same.Its pretty obscure, however thanks to my colleague Vasant it seems we could interpret the message.

After the race the the hare is disappointed, he delves into the realms of science to find out why he lost.After going through physics, mathematics and poring through endless graphs he seeks the tortoise again.He says  "Hey, the race was rigged, I did not know about relaivitiy,  dimension theory, or string theory too for that matter(neither do I , Just read along).Once you were ahead of me there was no way I could catch up with you ,  no matter how fast I ran.Also the fact that the finish line was arbitary, you won.So in a classical sense a fable was born, which is actually pure science on play"

The tortoise seems to be intrigued.After some thought he says , "Lets try a rematch in that case with exactly the same parameters as before."

The hare agress but triumphantly says"Sure, I will bet, but there is no way I can win".

Enter the jungle, D -day dawns, all the animals are around to see if history would be rewritten or if it repeats itself. Bets were placed,bokkies ran amok and so it went on .The race began and the hare ran ahead of the trortise,exactly at the same place he slept again for the same time.

He woke up and galloped again and presto,he won !! Sobbing inconsolably he saw the tortoise crawling to  the finish line."I don't understand how is this possible ?? " The tortoise looks up smilingly ," Luck can make you win once but it takes smartness to win again  " and with that he walks away with bumper bet money :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Great Indian Middle Class Story

The great Indian middle class life…we can squeeze the last drop of value from anything.

Let me start with books. The utility of a book is spread across at least three academic years. My sister, me and my brother, and after he has handled it is not fit for anything, not even useful trash.

Clothes always purchased to last over two academic years. Lengths are always double, neatly sewn in to. A year passes by and the hems are reopened to match our growth rates, with such dexterity that the marks of a year wash away as if they were never there. All sorts of cures are available to remove any tell tale stitch marks, and if I remember correctly never ever I was ticked off for wearing drab or torn clothes at school. And once a uniform has outlived its academic value it turns into something that is to be worn only while sleeping. Post this stage, it transforms to a rag or daily cleaning. Nopes the story doesn’t end here, even a general cleaning rag is transformed into a shoe cleaning cloth before finally being discarded.