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Friday, January 7, 2011

Closing Remarks_Epilogue

Well  it seems Noorie did not quite end it.

I took Krishna's advice and penned all this down and posted it also.However , after this he urged me to pen a  closing remarks kind , something like an epilogue.... , so here goes.

" Time is of essence in a relationship. It is like nice wine it takes time.People open up like layers, you peel off one, something else comes up.And in  the end only you really notice ,  that what you noticed initially was not really worth noticing !!

Love is learnt, it is just lust that is instantaneous or " at first sight "  emotion.

" Please hate me ", was one of her pet dialogues, how utterly juvenile as though emotions are like switches which can turn on and off just like that.But I used to enjoy hearing that from her.

Surprisingly I can’t hate her, even now.

I still dream about her, I still see the smile............ the crinkle on her nose.................
but now, I see the hollowness of it too.

It is just the structure, a little bit of heat it melts away like wax. When push turns to shove she cracks, like the pot of clay left in the sun for too long.Like an ostrich with the head in the ground as a fantasy of not seeing the imminent attack might somehow prevent it.

It takes courage and a pure hurt to share stuff that is kind of pivotal to your existence, or in other words personal stuff.

However it cannot be termed as personal.

I needed a reason, a logical ,valid reason and I ............would have understood, and I ...............would have been a friend for life. 

For, you cannot build something new by destroying the foundation below it. That is why I could never understand, why couples ran away, breaking all relationships, for the sake of one.
But I have understood the power of love, even the one sided kind. It gives the bearer an immense propensity to get hurt. And to that it also gives the other party a unique capability of hurting and humiliating you at the same time.I cant pray for her hurt, but I do pray that realization comes to her soon

I remember a girl from my days of freelancing; she kind of doted on me. But I couldn’t, and she understood that, and I am still in contact with her, no hard feelings anywhere. 

And I respect her, I respect her for having the courage to tell me, and to understand my limitations.

To wrap up , Dr Kumar Vishwas poetry, as understood by me is out here." If you cannot see , feel or understand my passion , you cannot ever experience the same yourselves " 

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Aashish said...

Finally I read the whole thing. I had to keep my contempt for real life stories aside first.
I understand how writing is a medium to vent emotions and you've done that quite well. But the story deserves to be edited and made free of typos and grammatical inconsistencies. Krishna Upadesh can be made more readable I guess, or that is what I felt.
Positives, nice narration, the flow was good and hey, at the end of the day, you have successfully penned your feelings and vented it out - that is actually a toughie..

Srikant Rajan said...

Aashish ........ I really appreciate you reading the entire series and sharing your thoughts.Your points are well taken.

Contempt for real life stories ?! reality is always a matter of perception .... :)

Real or not, the purpose of this narration was to share some experiences :)