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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Krishan Upadesh

So, I had to travel to Bangalore during this drama time for yet another job interview, and my friend Krishna was there, serendipitously on the very two days I was there.

We met up, and seeing my rather sorry self, he read me.

“It is a girl right “? , he asked.

I just stared at him, silent.

‘Tell me all about it. All…” , was the command............... not a request but........... a command.

I poured my heart out to him. He was one of the people I could trust. I told him the summary of how I met her, how we started talking and how it blossomed up.

He listened careful and holds your breath, drew a fucking process diagram all with connectors and block arrows. I stared at him, and said “you fine pal??  We are talking about something tangible, not some credit card transaction, or trading algorithm".

" I know you and I know that there is no convincing you without logic trust me and just look at this "

“You are prone to extremes, either you run or you laze there is no middle path. Knowing what you intended, I am guessing this was the right time of you. You lived life by the clock, and lost yourselves in work and structure. Discipline scares people.But trust me pal, not many people can handle you, you have insulted me many times, but you have stretched yourself thin to help me too”.

“I think you stretched yourself for her too; you went over the extreme when it wasn’t warranted. She just used your presence in her life to supplement her standing, that’s the reality pal, she is just one other airhead, with the crookedness of a slut.Look at it this way, when ..”

" Don’t you dare insult her!!" , I screamed, it was hurtful to hear anything demeaning about her.

He shouted over me, “ass hole look at this diagram and understand.” Waving a piece of paper at me.

Not many people can shout over me.

I calmed down and said ‘Pal, I made a promise, and I intend to keep it. I am going to her place, where she is interning now and then from there I am going home. I am going to meet her and then finish it either ways, you got to respect a relationship”

“Suit yourselves, but I am telling you she doesn’t have the balls, I have been in the field for nearly 4 years now and in my industry you see a lot of females, and I see airheads all the time. She is a classic case of one and you are in for more despair, and hurt. But I guess you need it. I do have one advice for you; take it out somewhere…so somewhere. Why don’t you write out your experience till now.”? ,  he said.

“Write”…I asked…but what? “And isn’t that supposed to be personal”?

" It is a catharsis of pain or thought.Whatever you just told me, rewind back and write it down, but keep in mind one thing, focus. There are always two side to a coin, we see what we wish to see, it is akin to a cricket match, every ball or every shot is flawed, its is either too short long, early late or not timed correct. 

Similar is the case with people................. actions......... and.......... relationships. 

If you wish to get over this, then assiduously pick out your experiences with her, and focus on the bad part of it, be critical, be cynical and wrest out a single emotion, and build upon them to get a picture of words. Leave it once you are done and then read it back after some time, it would give you a lot of relief."

“What are you telling? Just because there is no reciprocation I can’t blame her… be critical of her. Everybody is entitled to have their feelings and thoughts I can’t force anything, or rather I don’t want to force anything, because as is the case with shit if hurts when you force it out and the outcome is not too great either” , I countered.

Asshole, Ass…hole…he mouthed with specific emphasis on the hole part with a hearty laugh. In between guffaws he said ” I appreciate your candor, here you are broke, jobless and nursing a broken heart and not to mention your badly bruised Antarctica sized ego and you can still think of wisecracks” !

His guffaws were helpful, a wee bit …

“ It is entirely correct for a relationship to not work in the absence of reciprocation. However, it is wrong, hideous, and positively a crime to disrespect an individual for the presence of certain emotions.You should not play with anyone. One word, gesture, of “ DND” is not reason enough for a relationship to end, I have had my share, and I know it hurts “ ,  said Krishna
Suddenly he was sounding very prophetic a very nostalgic too. It struck me that there was something which he again had not told me, he had shelved his hurt. The scene between him and me was sounding like the Lord Krishna of Bhagvad Gita lecturing the lost Arjuna in the battlefield of life.

" Let’s get drunk, god knows you need it "  , said Krishna.( got to love this kind of Krishna!!)

" I am on a budget" , I replied morosely.All my rules were going for a toss, one more broken would not do much harm, I thought.

" I have plenty, don’t you worry " !! , came the retort.

To which I replied " I don’t want any inferior stuff, let’s go to a huge place.....and ....I trailed off, looking into the horizon.....

" You want Noorie right?"  , he asked mischievously.

Noorie ...... The beginning .......... and ......... it seems ........the end as well !! 

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