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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dacw 'Nghariad - There Is My Love

This song/poem/rendition is just too good. I came across it via stumbleupon. I thought it was some ancient war cry and I searched for the translation. Much to my surprise it actually turned out to be a love thing !!

I am re-posting here the link on youtube: & the  English translation of lyrics.

There’s my love down in the orchard
Oh, how I wish I was there myself...
There’s the house and there’s the barn
There’s the cowshed door open...

There’s the great branchy oak
It’s got a pleasant look
I’ll wait in its shade....
Until my love comes, my love comes....

There’s the harp, there the strings
What am I with no one to play it?..
There’s the lively, careful maiden
How much closer am I to winning her?..

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