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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Banglore Times!

This city is weird , it seems like people from all across India are here.You cant spot on person and say bang on................... that this guy is a local...............he is the Bangalorean equivalent of the Marathi manoos.

You would have trouble doing that.

Some things that strikes you the minute you enter in Bangalore

  1. Volvo Buses - Red/blue, shiny and expensive( the maximum ticket fare I paid was 50 for a one way 40 minute trip) , but leisurely
  2. Advertisements Galore - sample"PG available , 24 hrs uninterrupted supply of water, electricity broadband..blah blah blah..."( who needs 24 hrs of all that ??! a couple of hours would be fine, I guess !!) - A note most of them are matchboxes some small some big, but matchboxes essentially ,  a hazard to good living.
  3. Auto Guys = Linguists , they can talk in any language, Hindi, English Tamil , in fact one guy told me that if they did not do that they would lose customers.
  4. Shave Puri & Chow Chow Bath - I haven't mustered the courage to try either of them
  5. Dug roads and half completed BMTC pillars - I just mentioned it because it is one factor akin to Delhi
  6. Traffic Jams are passe, here there are traffic nightmares, my boss in fact warned me to not get a place far off from the unit.
  7. There are 2 Bangalore's , ( Yeah the adaption of the binary dissection of India , as in 2 India's)