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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

True or False ?!

Is whatever you write true?

This query has been repeated many times in the past few weeks, so much so that I am attempting to answer it here.

The golden answer to this question as many would expect is, “Yes” and “No”. But unfortunately it does not do justice to my desire for clarity so I am going to elaborate a little

There are two kinds of outlets.

Writing about what you felt, and writing what you intend or wished you would feel.

The former will be true, and latter will be graphic necessarily not vice versa. 

Your mind is powerful enough to rationalize any thought you have and if you believe in something strong and long it uncannily turns out to be true.

Everret Two World Theory, (am reading a bit of theoretical physics as well - Hyperspace by Michio Kaku).It essentially says that at every juncture you create an alternate universe. For instance you clicked on one line, what happens if you don’t, then another stream of activities will emerge, and for each action there would be an alternate, hence there exists multiple universes.Or like the branch of a tree universes fork out at every juncture.

When you write about what transpired, it is rational and logical. It is an interpretation of activities in the present universe, the one you live eat and breathe hence inadvertently even without you liking it, you are bound by its rules.

However when you write fiction you are free to explore alternate universes and it is something like the dream world as in case of Inception. Time was the filter which was amplified at each stage of dream… geometric proportion.

Similar is the case with alternate universes but the factor that amplifies is crumbling of structure (or so Methinks!)

As you begin to think about something that you intended to have happened, or should have happened, the structure of the present universe slowly begins to crumble down.

When you assume an offshoot of an assumed action, the rate of rule relaxation begins to increase, hence the existence of graphic description to compensate for the lack of logic and reason.

Consider it as a 2 way matrix, graphical vs. rational(X Axis) and real vs. fiction or fantasy(Y Axis).4 squares to fill in and "rational real" square is 1 and so is the "graphic fiction" one the remaining of course are zero.

For example just assume early morning you pick your brush and start with brushing in the usual direction (your teeth of course!).However for a minute revere the hand you hold the brush and the direction in which you normally brush.

 It would be for starters slow, for you mind is registering a new activity however that is on a purely cognitive level.

At the same time you may start thinking or concentrate more on the task in hand (brushing in this case) and be reminded of certain occurrences which ordinary and normal by everyday standards but suddenly would seem more amplified.

So what is more graphic? And by the same analogy what is true and what is false?

PS - I got to mention D here...And it is verbatim “Rajan........... that is a great insight I will reverse directions!!