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Monday, January 3, 2011

Can you Chase a Dream ?

Females have a sixth sense, radar which beeps up when someone comes on the heart part. She was no exception, but what she did not realize was that she was playing with fire, or maybe that’s what I did not realize that she was one step ahead of fire, she was accursed fire.

I became a bit like the wimps that are normally seen around and our companionship relationship moved to the “setting” part.

The “setting” is what most of the opposite sex relationships are. The companionship relationships which manifest more often are of a “setting” in the literal as well as colloquial sense, more of a barter system. The guy gets the pleasure of having exclusive (not always, but hey ignorance is bliss!) privileged access to female company. This in turn is viewed differently by different sets of people, for instance the peers (of one kind) view it as a sign of superior masculine capabilities (physical or otherwise) cynics like me look at such ego boost seeking, males as desperados, low on self esteem. And in return for bestowing the grace of companionship females mostly extract services such as help with different kinds of work, menial or otherwise. For instance in organizational settings it manifests as leniency and in educational institutions as extended classroom preparation sessions.

But in her case I allowed her to play with my mind. Without knowing anything about her work I agreed to help her. I made notes for her, and once even taught her something, from scratch.

Hey I do not mean to disparage helping others; in fact am a helpful guy. However I believe in helping those who help themselves, there is no harm showing someone the way if they have made efforts to find it, but clearing a path for them from scratch is a definite no –no.

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