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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mirror…….. Mirror......... Tell me......... Who is the dearest of them all?


This post was sparked off while reading a news article on how many of our technical gems, are gravitating towards a life of serving god.

AOL and ISKCON are leading the roost in offering burnt out techies, a route to salvation and Moksha.

When I read this, I was reminded of this short narration which I had read a long time back.

“Everyone knows Narad muni in Indian mythology. For the slight memory re-jig, he is the cymbal clanking, fruitcake representation of masculinity (all I remember from various Ramanad Sagar serials pardon if it is wrong!) touring the three worlds, singling praises of Lord Vishnu/Narayana.

Now one day Narad muni had this wonderful doubt creeping in his mind” I should ask Lord who is his favorite devotee of them all?”

So he did exactly that. And then he just stood there, waiting to hear praises about himself, about his devotion towards the power of lord.

Alas !!!  for our dear Narad Muni, the lord answered some name who was a mere farmer.

Now this hurt him, and hurt him bad. However as a god, he did not show his hurt as anger and rage, rather as a genuine doubt to know his shortcomings.

To which dear Lord Vishnu, replied in a pun. Again, it is my observation after quite a bit of various read, that Lords never love straight answers, it is always the demonstration or the learning/realizing by doing route for them.

“I will answer this query of yours, but first you will have to do a small task for me. Here is an urn of oil, filled to the brim. Please take this and tour the three worlds. Bear in mind, that not a single drop of oil should be spilt. Once you are done, come back and I will resolve any of your lingering doubts.

Narad Muni takes off.

Cut to the chase.

He returns soon after completing the prescribed tour. Handing over the urn, to the lord he waits for his reaction.

The lord looks at the urn, and it is intact not a single drop spilled.

He smiles and asks,” So you did the task, was it difficult?”

Narad muni replies “Yes a bit, for I had to carefully watch the urn to avoid any spillage, the three world tour is not exactly German auto engineering ride.”

Lord Vishnu, smiles and replies” How many times you remember me during this work?”

“Remember you, I was doing your work only, then why should I remember you?”Asks Narad muni a trifle surprised.

Lord Vishnu replies, ”Exactly. You don’t have time to remember the lord during your work. That is why is said my favorite devote is the farmer, for her remembers me thrice during the day all along the course of his work. And he has been doing this without fail".

“Don’t make it your life to chant my praises. But do make it your life to chant my name, within your life, within your daily work, and chant it with conviction, with belief, for then you would be bestowed upon my grace”.

Narad Muni nodded understanding the implication of the oil urn three world tours.

I hope my characteristic cynicism is demonstrated well here : )