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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Times of Google

It is a funny thing, chatting.

There is something unexplainable as to why someone whom you can see right across the room would prefer to take the effort of typing a “hello” on his system and hit enter. Outcome and time wise it is greater than walking to the person and saying “hey” and efficacy wise it is definitely beaten by a loud hello shouted across.

But still people do it.

Maybe the inherent laziness in all people is the impetus, or it is the cloak of anonymity it seems to offer.

I guess it was the latter as to why we began conversing electronically, something which I really don’t relish. But I am grateful to this medium because the cloak of anonymity it offered also gave freedom to let things develop by their own rather than be shaped by external forces.

It helped that we had full time connectivity as well. I pinged her once, the “Hey what’s up “, part and then it hit off.

And boy did it hit off.

On the last count we had nearly 200 chat transcripts, each averaging about 500 words. That is about, 100000 words worth of conversation, equivalent to a nice book. I guess it is more than information than 2 love eyed birds would ever share in their ritual of holding hands and malling around.

And what did we talk about. Well everything and nothing. Or as one married female once told me about her courting days,  with her Sir Gahlad, “ There is no one thing pal, it is all and all and none at all” ( she is given it to hysterics, but it is kind of singsong so I put it here).

And that is what exactly it was. Perhaps the simplicity and inconsequential nature of the talk is the reason for its charm.

I also fell into the habit of texting her, (with alarming frequency) which is again not my preference. But soon enough I began enjoying it. I guess the time lag between messages leaves one apprehensive, as well as anticipatory, and that kind of builds up the excitement. However on the flip side there is the possibility of misinterpretation of short words, symbols, acronyms, but hey no harm done, because ignorance is bliss!

What started as a simple conversation, become a ritual.

 A fanatical …scary ritual, which left me fidgety when it did not happen.

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