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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The P-Word

P is for passion.

Nowadays it seems to be the word to be used in conversations, discussions and articles. 

You can prefix the P-word prior to any action and then somehow the implied perception of the action becomes more refined, acceptable, but sometimes vaguely disconcerting.

But how exactly do you define passion??? What are the parameters that could be used as causal indicators towards judging the passion in any action???

Methinks, that for any action to be classified as passionate it has to be a bit exhibitionist and socially non conformal

The extent of adherence to the above two variables would vary. For instance say you are passionate about your work, it means to say that you really love to do your work and look forward to the output to the extent of neglecting some routine and value-added actions in life. You work late, if you go out of your way to get something done at your workplace and in general seem unnervingly and irritatingly talking about work all the time. Add to the above if you are getting paid slightly less than your counterparts, it further adds credence to the “passion” you have.

If you look at the above situation the P thing is actually somewhat of an excuse,  to compensate for some shortcomings in your action & not in any manner strengthening the veracity or the intent of your action. 

For instance if

  • You’re passionate about your work, then maybe because it pays you less,
  • You’re passionate about your friend that is because maybe you don’t have many and are afraid to be alone.
  • You’re passionate about your idea or new business it means you are blind to the shortcomings or the risks of it.

See passion is a non rational belief; it is a heart action not a head action.

Guaranteed, that heart is required in life but there could be a divine purpose as to why it is not placed at the top, rather someone in the middle of your frame.


Kebaya Mwamba said...

Question : in light about your thoughts to passion...are you passionate about blogging?

Srikant Rajan said...

Hi Kebaya....No I am not :)