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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Now when was this, I guess sometime in the second year when we had a 3 day break and happily nothing major to do. The family clan at our campus had decided on some outing and seems it’s was a social affair open to all.

Enter Serendipity Occurrence (SO) 1, I joined it!!

Early morning all dressed spruced we sat in the bus. In entered lusty cheering of songs while driving and the happy cheer was infectious. The merry fun filled sounds were …..Well good.

We had to go in a bus to a base point beyond which it was a walk for some kilometers. I am a brisk walker and not much of a “this pose too “kind of photographer, so I soon left a sizeable chunk of my batch mates behind. I am not sure who met whom first but I bumped into this female and we began chatting up.

That female was a typical yakkity yack to begin with, but she knew when to shut up. There were pauses in the conversation which I filled up which is rather uncharacteristic of me, for it is normally the other way round. Soon enough we knew a lot about each other’s family, background and likings. She was from “laloo - land” and had spent her life in some far off industrial township. These types are normally good with numbers and she indeed had done her graduation in mathematics and looking forward to some do the same in some risk management course out here. There was a queasy feel about that female, on the face of it she appeared another air head, but I sensed some hard nerves too.

I liked her. She had an easy going way and a basic charm which most city breeds don’t. Physics states that unlike forces do attract and I am not exception to the universal laws. However I do not know if the attraction was a result of the extent of dissimilarity or because of the caged box of wild hormones inside of me not quite tamed by the raveling repair of structure and prayer.

I was unnerved, not in the least tired almost on a high. It was like an intense snort in session, plus a bucket party. I was scared and attracted to her at the same time. Scared because I really did not see someone like her before, you fear the unknown right whereas familiarity breeds comfort and contempt in varying measures. One of my friends, had once remarked that when you don’t feel lust towards a woman and she happens to be passably pretty as well as conversationally good , then you should be scared(not because of old age or the dick effect it is because of the mind effect).

Attraction, in turn was direct offshoot of fear.

I did not want to embarrass her, by hounding her. But I could not resist staying away from her; I just had to be near her. Journey back home, she was sitting in the last row and the back door of the bus was open. I stood near the back door almost the entire return journey under the pretext of the blowing draft cooling my body and sweat stained clothes. But in reality, I was stealing furtive glances at her, the entire time while she was lolling around all sleepy.

Back at campus we ate, showered and crashed. But I wasn’t tired not the least bit which was pretty weird as we had trudged quite long and hard.

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