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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It’s a Guy Thing

We were out for dinner one night at the office, me being the only grass grazer among carnivores. Seems all were in mood for chicken, so we started making way towards KFC, “Don’t worry there is a Pizza Hut opposite to KFC in Adyar, you can have dinner there”. Ah sure, that sounds good, cause I kind of like Pizza Huts, Caesar Salad. Anyways, the guy driving hits a road bump and B screams in good humor, “You fucking Jew, why don’t you give lifts to pregnant women, the way you drive, it would be easier for them to deliver babies”. The retort came from C,” Fuck you B, at least I can drive”, with a subtle smile directed towards C, who well is not so adept at fielding a steering. Petulant C adds, “Hey I got a license too”. B kicks back in “Just because you got a dick, it doesn’t mean you can fuck, you got to have balls too, asshole”. I added, “you got to have balls in the literal and figurative sense, cause without them a dick isn’t …well useful”. To which we all burst out laughing!!

“Why you guys use so many invectives while conversing” asked a female friend of mine, as I narrated this incident to her.

Well, dear because it’s a guy thing!!

It’s a guy thing, because we bond over cuss and swear words. Females bond over gossip, the best bargains, and “you know she did that to him the last time” sort of talks. We guys, as I told my friend don’t have the emotional depth to deal with complexities, so we just let it out in a nicely worded behenchod or asshole.

She shakes her head smilingly and says “I don’t know how you do it Rajan, but you do say it out nicely , being sexist and deferential at the same time!!”

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Man...No Hair..None at all......!!

Today, I came back after spending some time with my sister Vaishnavi. She lives with her parents (My Mama and Mami) in Dubai and spends most of her time after school alone at home. She is one of the rare kids who at the age of 9 prefer to watch the night sky rather than Pokémon (not that she is not addicted to TV, but you get the picture).

Solitude, may possibly explain her artistic tendencies, meaning she paints well, really well, and her fingers are long and slender almost as long as mine. Thanks to technology I have some samples of her brush strokes article formations on my cell as well.

Anyways I came to her place in night and she insisted we go and sit on the terrace. As I sat with her and asked her what she liked while sitting and staring heavenwards, she said “Pictures on clouds”. “Now what do you mean by that”, I asked. She points her finger across the sky and traces out an imaginary helicopter formation in the clouds, which to my understanding was rudimentary best. Eager to show off and to offset my limited presence of artistic tendencies I asked if she knew about the man on the moon, to which she replied in negative.

I traced the contour of the man on the moon and she waited for some time staring at it. Then, wrinkling her nose in a hint of disgust, she replies, “Yeah it has to be a man only, it has no hair! Laughing out aloud , I said " But I have ample hair ", and shook my long mane for the effect.

" But you are anna. not appa ", she replied clearly distinguishing a " man "  from " anna" .!!

Aha that felt good, particularly in light f the spate of weddings in my friend circles :) :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was searching for the ending, but as is the case with ideas clicked only when you least expect it to.( like now when I am lolling of to dreamland )

Hell hath no fury than a women scorned , also applies to a righter wronged , but the fury is replaced with passion, only cursed passion !! And that apparently is the ending of the purported piece of fiction under compilation by ding dong !

A teaser from the last chapter

You could like/dislike , love/hate anything.But if you lose repsect then these  sentiments are all gone. A person devoid of repect is worse than a piece of furniture lying around, while the latter has utility, the former lacks even that as without respect a person ceases to exist( in the non-literal sense)

These where the thoughts that raced through Anateya as he sat at the crowded beach...........with the waves lapping his feet.

It is tragic , very tragic indeed that she could not understand the power of one small gesture.........She is wrong, simple and sweet.

And that makes me right, gives me the power.And I choose to give her this.

" Imagine a potato sack, out in the rain and sun, and it starts rotting, the typical wet sack and rotten vegetables smell.

Imagine it sprouts 2 arms, heads and legs and becomes a man.Now imagine the same man........... same smell.............on top of you, inside you..........pawing and clutching you like some piece of meat............Imagine his fetid breath on your face and his spit trickling down your lips as he leans on you.

You heave a sigh of relief when it gets over............its done for the wont happen would not dread walking into the room next day.............

Alas..........the new day dawns............and the this cycle..........again and again ..............for the remainder of you life.

From morning to evening selling loan accounts or tallying a bunch of numbers on a excel sheet and night............ the nightmare begins.

Then remember me.............and how I adored you......... respected you........almost worshiped you…..

Everybody .............I repeat everybody ............drifts away.............eventually.........and then you realise you have nobody to hear you ........just hear you........relate to you...........and smile at the sound of your voice

Remember that.............. cry .............and feel sorry..........

Your tears will give me no solace ………no satisfaction ......nothing

It is the law of Karmic Insulation, if you wronged would be wronged ............ life comes full circle.........the radius varies.

Ananteya reflected, “ Is this spite ? “

The anwer came as the lights dimmed , This is not spite, not at all........ There is a method to every activity , every madness, and nobdy can wish that away or run away from that

The Immortals of Meluha

Move over hobbits, dementors and angels and demons. Mythology and folklore is India tour de force and Amish the author of the above trilogy shows how rich indeed it is.

The book talks about Lord Shiva, a marvelous tales of history, culture, mythology and religion talks in a manner similar to Dan Brown, about what if Lord Shiva was a mortal, who through sheer acts of bravery, and serendipity became invincible, God like.

It is a page turner, I flipped through a couple, (busy day at work!) and I was hooked. A pdf version is available, as an e-book, but does not really give you the feel.

More on this as it unfolds..........Bam Bam Bhole!