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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Men Who Love Their Machines

There is something refreshingly and comfortingly similar of these people; most of them are like one batch of assembly production, you know one and you know them all. Below is what I think sets them apart, or let me say their distinguishing factors:

1. Singularity – They are unable to multitask. Here I refer to tasks from a relationship and a material perspective. They would have one friend, one machine, one girl and if I extend an analogy one –two kids. The ability to multitask is reduced, and from a narcissist perspective I would like to say that it is because they are unable to sacrifice their passion.

2. Passion – Fight, study, or play there is passion in them. Typical Type As

3. Creative – Like to do things by their own hand. It can be bashing people, cleaning their vehicle, playing a sport or an instrument, again tied to passion or rather their inability to sacrifice it.

4. Violenceअपना हाथ जगनाथ ! Simple people, not much dallying around, cut the crap, talk to the point and if words don’t work, fists do. In the end no hard feeling, because once a blow is delivered, or a leg broken it is all back to square one and no love is lost between any of them.

5. Boozers – tank like capacity, funnily they are also built in extremes, either skeletal and gaunt or heavy set and huge.

6. Mama’s boys – They are not papas but mama’s boys who have now turned to men. Mother or sometimes it is grandmothers, can’t hear a word against them, so fights emerge with the other female in life.

7. Love Causality – life for them is either black or white there exist no shades of gray, hence, their love for logic and causality. For instance, I bash his head, and it bleeds, there is nothing called less bleeding or lots, it is bleeding.

PS - After reading this an acquaintance of mine gave a nice definition of a male chauvinist (courtesy a lil' extra Christmas rum!), “A male chauvinist is a person, who can only see a female in a porn movie and appreciate it!”  , darn this one seems to link chauvinism to hypocritical …anyways we are still laughing our butt off !!

Finally, all the writes here, are observations/comments.There is no reference to any person, and if there is I would make that amply clear.

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