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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This one is a take on the early morning time for a doper , who hasn't had his fix.

" I am fidgety.......... I am cranky .....I am scared......

I haven’t had my fix, the fix………

Ever had a feeling that, you had an elephant nesting in your bowels, but your ass is zipped, not with a conventional zip but a Velcro. The right pressure, it would burst open, giving a blessed release, the release is tantalizing close, but not yet there.

“These are mints. Where is the regular gold flake king size?”  I bellowed.

“Manish had the last of them yesterday”, came the shout.

Damm the Manish,  always borrowing fixes. He would walk into any room and help himself to anything he liked, nobody could say no to him. He was the one who could land you anything, from a girl to a fix anytime.

I called Manish from my cell phone.A sweet ladies voice in a maddening slow pace from my cell, reminded me that the balance was low, before the blessed ring, came on the other end.

" Who the hell is this  " ?   , came the sleepy retort.

" I need gold flakes king size right now"  , I said cutting straight to the chase,I dispensed off with preliminary curses, but stored them for later use with full pressure.

" It is fucking raining, where do you expect me to find gold flakes now, do you forget that this a village ?"

" You bastard, what do I do now " ?, I was close to hyperventilating.

" Take some lifebuoy soap, the red one, peel it with a peeler and dissolve a pinch full in warm salted water and dunk it. Keep it down till it passes to your gut.Wait till about 20 minutes .It would do what gold flake does on early mornings" .

" Fuck where does this guy get to know all this?" , No wonder he could borrow fixes, after all he could fix anything.

Anyways I would have fucked a dog in the road to get rid of the situation I was in now. Lifebuoy soap  sounded  a lot better than it.

True to Manish's word it helped, not miraculously but yes passably.

That I swear is the last I see of those flakes again in my life, I resolved.But again I knew the futility of it , cause there is one way, one route of escape from life. There has to be one.

And for me it was the smoke.

Puff........ inhale........... and blow...

And trust me........... the worries....... all of them.........seemed to go.

Ding Dong !

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