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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Accordion Concept of Strategy!

Late in the night…………… a random sector of my laptop…………. discovery of a note…….

It was scribbled after a very nice session on strategy by famed Dr Venugopal, if my memory serves me right it was the second/third session.(there is a lot more gyaan there to come !  )

Here is the essence of it. (I was the scapegoat!)

1.       Ok what is your objective?  
 a.       I am here to study and learn.

2.       Why do you want to learn?
 a.       That is because I want a good job

3.       Why do you want a good job?
a.       To earn well

4.       Why do you want to earn well? (Venu at this point was irritating me, lighting my rather short fuse!)
a.       To take care of myself, my family and friends.

5.       Why do you want to do that?
a.       That is because it would make me happy.

6.       Why do you want to be happy?
a.       My response, to this was the great Indian gesture number two, a mid air open palm twist and quizzical eyebrows.

7.       No , No  tell me why do you want to be happy?
a.       I don’t know.(enough of dallying come to the point you are trying to make)

A triumphant look in his eyes, he turns attention from me and sights the class.”So you see.......... that is the difference between objective and action, you never know which is what , it is like an accordion, once you spread it....... stretch it thin........... the folds vanish....... it is a smooth and  taught piece of fiber”.

In this case if you see, his objective is to be happy, and his action is to study and learn

He looks at me and says, “Poor strategy................. I really pity you”.

Ah, so that explains the C-.!

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