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Monday, September 20, 2010

Second Lieutenant !!

This is a piece of humor.

Short cropped hair, and weight just a kilo short of being classified as an overweight, and a rajput style moustache(Took lot of twirls to get it up !), i seemed to be looking as a picture of good living

A nice pair of goggles, (aviator style of course), and clad in jacket (uncharacteristic, but it is kind of chilly in Delhi, these days), I was waiting near Regal, to catch up with a school friend of mine.

Everybody has tied the knot that much I could understand, but she has a kid as well...! Suddenly I felt old, very old...but I was looking forward to meeting her, she was one of the few people who I bumped in BCL sporadically.

She walks in, and immediately recognizes me....for a mother she looks remarkably great...and I said" damm it you look great...very pretty...!!

Your attempt at diplomacy is not really great Srikant...but humor seems to be fine !

I do not need to diplomatic with you...I retorted, with a smile...!!

Chuck coffee (I was in no moods for a royal phatka !)...let’s take a walk around, the weather is good. We made it to the open grassy space on top of Palika, and started reminiscing.

In walks, a punter policeman, a new recruit(just guessing here!), and looks at the couple(us).Immediately adopting the moral policing standard he walks with a gruff and menacing expression on his face...and uses some .........let’s say Delhi words.

Not wanting to pick up a fight I just ignored...but he increased the decibel. Something snapped inside me, I stood up , jutted my chest out and said “Second Lt Srikant Rajan, 12 Rajputana Rifles, OTA Chennai...and that is my fiancĂ©e..., then for good measure in Hindi...your name, rank, commanding officer and taluka"

Balle Balle ho gayi...!!

Sorry sir, really sorry.....galti ho gayi...he almost made it to my feet...but I stepped back…… I wasn’t sure if I would be able could contain my laughter...I just said....Dharamveer... aise parehan mat karo ...

Hearing his name, he gave a startled response, but I continued staring at his chest...on his name plate. His eyes caught my gaze, then almost in tears, he said....Sir, strict orders against couples here...there have been some cases here...and hum to bas apna kaam kar rahe they...but you can sit here problem.

But I had..., if punter got bada officer… the roles of me and punter would be reversed.

Ok, we will leave in a few minutes....ab aap jao yahan se.

Ok sire, bilkul sir…

The lady stared, and thankfully had a neutral expression…… I said in low tones we leave in 5 minutes, she nodded….

30 minutes later …in a CCD… (Pretty far from Palika !), Lady ji remarks…” That was wild ….but it was fun too...!”

If the babu was around the punter….it would have been hilarious…madam…!! And someone else would be having the fun part, I added wryly.

Journey back home, I walked a bit and then took the metro from Barakhamba Road, and adopted a clean shaven look :):)

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