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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Individual Excellence vs. Collective Brilliance

This is a piece of humor.

I am told I have a penchant for glamorizing the mundane, and being able to complicate simple things.

My dad, working as an auditor now, having tallied BS and ledgers all his, says that it is always the simple things that are potentially brilliant, at least in the world of accounting.

I cant take names, but it seems a leading apparel, company famed for giving mind boggling discounts, (70 to 80%) off, did a simple way of showing itself bankrupt, even though the auditors knew it had a bundle , they could do nothing about it.

My dad rounds off, wryly saying” They have a sale even now, its showroom is right next to my office, its always packed”, and they say there are no sales happening.

And on paper it’s true.

Anyways this is digressing; I got to do justice to the title.

Well, an acquaintance of mine, is into a bit of money, and he hasn’t seen much of it .So off he goes, shopping to get rid of his sons of soil image. In pops a ray ban, a shirt and jean which would get 4 of my types of shirt and jeans, and for shoes make it 5 of my types. No question about the quality of the cloth or material, it is excellent, in isolation, individually excellent.

Now I will painstakingly (and vividly too, I hope!) describe the collective part of it. The jean is a blue/green hue with some kind of washing on its front and side (the worn of part, which is what makes it smooth to touch).Now my limited sense of fashion does tell me that there are not a frightful lot of combinations you can pair this jean with. He, however pairs it with an electric green shirt (it is Zodiac Classic limited edition….. I think), with bright green and white stripes, the wide stripes. Now the belt, it is brown with some sequins or glitterati.

At least the shoes match with the belt, they are again brown, but can’t do much to salvage the fashion disaster which he has just become.

Hell, I forgot the Ray Ban, they are again, green with gold rims, the oversized variety.

Visualize this short, slightly plump guy,(the picture of good lving) with a blue/green hued jean, a full shirt with and electric green and white wide stripes. A brown belt which throws some flashes of light at you as he moves around and a brown pair of shoes.

The coup de grace is the gold rimmed oversized green hued Ray Bans.

Overall he looked like a cross between a giant leprechaun and a human. I guess the gold he had on him gave him the feel of a leprechaun (green and gold)., and mabe the picture of good living too.

“How do I look?!” this is the million dollar question, and very, very gender specific!!! You are trapped whatever you answer.

At this point I got the title of the post in my head, which I willingly shared with him……….and I take the liberty of sharing, with you all too!

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