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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Startup Dreams_Began With a Bang

I took up the marker and started putting down our recommendations; Ram looked up curiously and countered my arguments. This went on back and forth and at timely intervals Sirjee jumped in for rescue. It was an intense affair, midway Ram stopped and asked rather irritated to Kaviraj, “What are these guys supposed to have worked on?”Kaviraj replied meekly” A revenue model to possibly monetize the site.” At this piece of information Sirjee looked up at me in surprise, but quickly regained his composure. I don’t think how Kavi thought we could have come up with a revenue model for that site in a week what I had done was to structure the damm thing and present it to the guy. Anyway almost an hours and a half later the discussion ended with the feeling around the table that everyone has had his say

However Kavi was ecstatic, post the meeting. I am guessing that nobody previously had actually taken trouble to work from a neutral perspective. We bid adieu to Kavi and Ram and promised to meet up later with whatever we could come up. Kavi walked as out of the office with all thanks and said that once some money came in based on our ideas we could split it up some way. Sirjee smilingly said that that could be done later on, and was not a major issue.

As Sirjee and we walked out I asked him about his impressions.” I can smell true business blood here in Ram. I doubt if Kavi actually gets his say in during any negotiation “.I nodded my head but I was more interested in knowing if it was worthwhile working any more on the project. Trouble with me was I constantly needed to do something, preferable new and I did not mind getting my hands dirty. However like any normal person I loved benefits that came with having a free flow of cash. Particularly, since I hadn’t got a lot of it despite working for nearly two years.

I asked Sirjee again if he thought it would be worthwhile to work on it and he did not reply immediately. I too lapsed into silence and we walked sometime towards out hostel searching for an auto. Once in an auto Sirjee replied” This is not a breakthrough idea, we do not have any USP as such but if we can package it nicely I think it may be accepted”. I nodded digesting what he said. As we walked to our rooms I said “Lets us try this for some time in between our normal sessions, I think we may come up with something”, to which that guy readily agreed.

Time passed after that about a month and a half but nothing really shaped up. We did try a couple of things but nothing actually materialized on paper. I kept interacting with Kavi online and he too sensed that we weren’t really able to do something worthwhile. Meanwhile with our semester exams nearing it was easy to push the thought away from our daily time.

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