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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Control The A ,C ,V J , P and of course the F !!

The above seemingly random letters of the queens’ language are the modern life blood of any organization and its employees.

Now you may be wondering as to what these actually do. They make life simple, and not to mention faster. If you still haven't figured out, just consider doing the following.

Open any web page and a blank document. Hit ctrl A on the web page text and then the remaining sequence of letters in the blank document.


Banking, IT, marketing ( Many times , I need fancy diagrams!), and of course research and consulting.

With information available aplenty, I believe we have become lazy. If you don’t know something Google it up, that is the instant thought. Rarely do we spend time to think, as to what the answer or the solution might be. Sirjee in fact told me this, that once your hear another thought or view your brain instantly tries to linear-ise and rationalize the thought, hence you dull your penchant for thinking

On a pessimistic note, now it seems to state that collective ignorance is better than individual wisdom.

We have conditioned ourselves to the use of these shortcuts so much that i wondered what happens if one day they disappear

Snap !!!!!!!!!! Just like that they vanish.

  1. For a change you might actually refer to a book to seek information, rather than do the Ctrl+F on an electronic version. You might even spend time flipping over the preface, reading about the author and getting connected to his thoughts as a person, putting a face over text than just a URL.
  2. Manually type out entries in an Excel sheet, and maybe linger over a bit on the values and try to relate to the feel of the numbers than just the final mean, median, mode and Stdev.
  3. Visualize a picture in your thoughts than hitting “ 3D Layout design”
  4. Go out and talk to other people seek other people’s advice in person, than just Wikipedia