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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Moral of the Story !!

Now this one is true!! 

This was recounted to me by a friend of mine, who incidentally has just shifted base from Chennai to here. At Chennai he was sharing a flat with 3 other people, one of whom was a person,  about which this incident is.

Now this friend of mine was pulling of night shifts, so his weekend quite did not begin at Friday night, rather Saturday early morning. Many times he would walk in only to see, that there were just a few minutes to sunrise. Starved of human tendencies he would catch some tiny winks and wake up early, welcoming the early morning sun with a cup of tea with his roommates.

Now one Saturday morning, he was late by his usual standards and that meant it was quite the morning he walked into the room. He was greeted by the sight of one person, all disheveled, sweaty in the kitchen surrounded by a variety of pans and pots. Evidently something big was in progress
“Hey good morning”, my friend was greeted by (let’s call him K) “here have some kheer , I just made it”.

Kheer in the morning, on a weekend, something was definitely amiss. All they normally used to have was a late lunch, a heavy one though and then doze off again.

Anyways he took the steaming plate and sat down to enjoy it.

Soon other also woke up, and all were subjected to early morning greetings and plates of delicious kheer.

My friend raised a quizzical brow at others wondering why the sudden affection came from him , K  however was oblivious to the effect he was creating.

A couple of hours later, the kitchen was clean again (they had a rule as those who dirty the pots should clean them!), but we still needed lunch. Something was found that was edible and my friend decided to cook for all of them. He asked K “hey you in for lunch right?”

K said “ no no I have plans”.

“Cool”, my friend remarks, something told him that the early morning kheer was connected to his afternoon plans.

All dressed spruced, and dosed with a liberal helping of cologne, aftershave and perfume, K made his way outside. Couple of minutes later he ran back and asked.

“I left a box on the kitchen table, can you wrap it up and give it to me, please use the black polythene”.

Ok, so now this K has apparently cooked a gift for someone. I suddenly knew where this was heading to and I interrupted my friend and asked “A female birth canal expulsion date right”

Shhhhh…wait for the coup de grace, Rajan I was chided.

So now my friend cooks lunch for the remaining of the roommates.

“Finish it all off, only we three are there. I had measured some rice for K too but he had some plans”, remarked my friend.

“I know those plans. It is S birthday, today and he has gone there”, added R wryly.

Bingo I said to my friend. I knew it.My friend raised a finger threateningly and I immediately clamped shut

“That’s good right, it is really nice of him to take that kind of gift, beats a bunch of flowers any day”, my friend remarks to R

R nodded, somewhat absently

Lunch done, my friend makes his way to the kitchen to scrape off the pans, suddenly K reappears, all sweaty and huffing.

“You back so soon, it is just been a couple of hours, you had lunch”? , Asked my friend.

K ignores him and makes his way to the cooker; some rice was still there and he immediately scoops it off, dumps it into a plate and begins to eat.

A few gulps later, he said” no lunch yaar, there were some change of plans”. His tone indicated no malice, just a matter of fact tone.

My friends cell phone rings up at precisely that point, It was S(R was right!!), “hey it’s my birthday today, I am sure you would have forgotten.”

“Happy birthday”, my friend remarks the clich├ęd statement.

“Anyways It is dinner tonight on me, please come to XYZ at say 8PM”, says S.

My friend nods and then looks at K.

Someone makes the effort of cooking up a dish with limited resources on a weekend morning for somebody and they don’t even have the time or courtesy to ask him for lunch.  What kind of person could that be? More importantly what kind of a person is K? , my friend winds off with a rather frightening intensity.

Aila this has turned a bit garam, !! 

In order to lighten the mood, I say” So the moral of the story is that use you big head to do the thinking, not the little one”?

I get a back thump and sudden guffaws, from my friend, “Yea I guess that is the moral of the story.”


KG said...

You have good narrative skills. Interesting piece.

Srikant Rajan said...

@ KG, Thanks ...that is a feeble word to express an emotion , however "thanks" for your feedback.I do believe I can return the compliment , as I managed to turn pages in your blog.. !!