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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Answer to Everything

Any guesses on what it could be?

Well, I am going to take the circuitous route to give the answer and it is something I can identify with and I am darn sure most you would too.

It is Wednesday morning, and it is not a holiday. Contrary to popular belief I look forward to Monday mornings, but the suffering or rather the ennui reaches its peak by Wednesday.

There is mountain of mails, and the digital post-it seems small for the updates, so I create a word document. Once I have the music created for the day, my role of a music director commences, waving the baton in front of a symphony.

Keep your ego aside, is what I have learnt. My education is of no consequence, my knowledge however a little bit maybe (assuming zero correlation between the two, or rather negative is the way I have often seen it to be).

When I sit down for my first cup of tea, I am stuck by it .

What is the purpose of it all, the divine reason for existence?? 

(नहीं.......... मैं गीता उपदेश का इचुक नहीं हूँ !!  )

A little bit more thought, and another point comes. If I have to figure out one word, a sentence, a phrase or a gesture that would be the answer to this question or rather any question what would be it?

Any guesses ?

Well it is “This too, my friend shall pass” 

(This is from a dog eared compilation of writing by Osho, picked from some alley in Bangalore. No, I am not going “Hare Krishna”, route but there is no denying the power and intellect of Osho).

For all ye people like me, figuring out their reason for existence. We lose ourselves in something or the other, in the hope that it might be permanent or everlasting and that is the eventual cause of sorrow.

That’s the power of transience and that sentence is my friend is the answer to it all. 

Sorrow or happiness, love or hate, pain or ecstasy, all these are transient, they eventually pass, reach an end.

बहुत ज्ञान हो गया, मैं आज के लिए होता हूँ .......  transient.Goodbye ---I think.

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KG said...

Routine thought, expressed nicely.