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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Land , Land Everywhere but not an Inch to Till ....or lets say Build ?!!

Vedanta, Yamuna expressway,and about a little while ago, we had Nandigram.

Historically disptutes have arise over 3 Zs ......was told to me by a grand old daddy in a village off Meerut, (Shamli). These are Zar , Zameen and Zaan....loosely translated its gold , land and women.Step back and recapitulate the maniacal highs of gold ETFs and futures just about a couple of months ago....... it was a fight for gold.

Women , it always happens too many to recount !! And land it is the same............

But the three Zs are just the end results the fight is for something that the 3 Zs, are seen to provide, And that on .....

" Bloody famrers, they dont know that the upcoming features will rasie thier level of living "  growled a collegaue of mine over fags and coffee.There is a fundamental flaw in the argument, not everybody wants "development " the way we see it.

For some elegance is in simplicity.....or rather tradition.There are people I am aware of  who are still not comfortable using a toilet soap, the prefer their variant of raak(ash) and two trips to the fields."Arree baba, jab tak mitti jki sungand nahi aati tab tak saala pressure hi nahi banta", same grand old daddy opined.

Yuck is what I thought , and still do.

And these people wont give upo their land for a fancy new building to come up , where people stare at boxes all day long....or a swank metal plated road where huge cars whizz at rocket speed. And all they have at the end of it is a corner stool, and a life pushing files., which is insignificant,.

Hence it is a battle for significance, not of development.It is not about us vs them , it is rather of us vs me, and it is this desire for significance that they opt for a collective identity of poor farmers since it is easier to relate to rather than an individual identity.

Once they give up their land and take money, in return they loose their significance.

They are not price gouging opportunistic villagers, they are simple people who want to be significant.Viewed from this angle, money does not seem to be a barrier for them give the right transaction they would take it

What exactly would be the right transaction ?

Hell , I don't know, if I did , I wouldn't be dispensing of this free gyaan :)

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