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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It’s a Guy Thing

We were out for dinner one night at the office, me being the only grass grazer among carnivores. Seems all were in mood for chicken, so we started making way towards KFC, “Don’t worry there is a Pizza Hut opposite to KFC in Adyar, you can have dinner there”. Ah sure, that sounds good, cause I kind of like Pizza Huts, Caesar Salad. Anyways, the guy driving hits a road bump and B screams in good humor, “You fucking Jew, why don’t you give lifts to pregnant women, the way you drive, it would be easier for them to deliver babies”. The retort came from C,” Fuck you B, at least I can drive”, with a subtle smile directed towards C, who well is not so adept at fielding a steering. Petulant C adds, “Hey I got a license too”. B kicks back in “Just because you got a dick, it doesn’t mean you can fuck, you got to have balls too, asshole”. I added, “you got to have balls in the literal and figurative sense, cause without them a dick isn’t …well useful”. To which we all burst out laughing!!

“Why you guys use so many invectives while conversing” asked a female friend of mine, as I narrated this incident to her.

Well, dear because it’s a guy thing!!

It’s a guy thing, because we bond over cuss and swear words. Females bond over gossip, the best bargains, and “you know she did that to him the last time” sort of talks. We guys, as I told my friend don’t have the emotional depth to deal with complexities, so we just let it out in a nicely worded behenchod or asshole.

She shakes her head smilingly and says “I don’t know how you do it Rajan, but you do say it out nicely , being sexist and deferential at the same time!!”

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