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Friday, June 18, 2010

The "S" Effect - Must be the Genes !

The newspapers all around are screaming of the admitted tragedy that has been accorded to the Bhopal gas victims. The comparison of the hefty damage of 20 billion which has been wrested off by US from the oil giant BP stands in stark comparison to the 450 million given off to the dead and the injured in Bhopal. Just to put things in perspective the cost of an Indian life is just 2% the cost of US ecosystem and its nature.

While we are screaming for Andersons head, and asking for his extradition, the question that arises is why and how this has happened? Congress in its press statement , and politcs playing has called the entire episode a “systemic failure”.

Nopes, it is not a systemic failure. The real reason, which may be unpalatable to some, is the fact that we have still not outgrown our colonial mentality. We see ourselves subservient to the white skinned. I think it is the remnant of 200 years of subjugation and that has tossed out a genetic trait as such.

Don’t believe me? Ever walk into a restaurant and look at the treatment accorded to a foreigner who is white skinned. You would say that the guy is merely doing it for his tips. True to a certain extent, but if the same foreigner is a black, American or otherwise the treatment meted out is the same or in some cases worse off than to normal citizens.

At this point my roommates interject and toss out a rather interesting reason for our behavior as such.” They are more beautiful than us, and it is human nature to be appreciative of beauty and acknowledge it. Have you ever seen a foreigner who is having misshapen features? “

I chuckle inwardly at their attempts to justify their behavior. Admittedly white people are better endowed anatomically, but they are not really beautiful. Pretty, maybe but beauty no.

And again we are not appreciative of prettiness, we are appreciative of structure. I am reminded of an experiment which showed pictures of various pretty people to toddlers and recorded their response.

Denzel Washington scored the highest among all the beautiful people!

This led to the conclusion that symmetry is what we involuntary look for in people. Washington’s features align perfectly. That is to say that if your were to cut his face into 2 halves with a vertical line across his forehead and nose, and put one over the other they would overlap perfectly.

So the next time you come across a white skinned person and find yourselves being, well “appreciative of beauty “ you may want to take refuge in the fact that it isn’t you, it is your genes, which is called the slavery or the " S "gene.

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