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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freudian Dilemma !

 I had worked on a module for a web startup, while I was studying. During that period I had access to lot of literature, (online and offline) and some great minds as well.(no pun intended !)

Borrowing from OB and Marketing I worked out some set of questions that could help you reveal some insight in your thought process, witha little bit of humor in play.

Here I reproduce them with teaser responses.

•    Suppose there are two planks across tallest buildings on the earth, for what possible thing in the world would you be willing to walk across them?
Forget it, its too risky!

•    Black T-shirt or a pink chuddy what would you like?

•    The person sitting next to you is gossiping about you online, what do you say to him?
Hey, am no schizophrenic; P , let it leisure

•    Describe yourselves in word?
Pssst …TDH (i.e. Tall dark and handsome sorts)???!!!

•    What is your first response to unknown mails which star with “congrats you have won “?

•    Who would you prefer to marry, a person with brains or someone with money?

•    Imagine a world without an email or cell; how would you communicate?
Send letters with pigeons! , it would be a lisure past time indeed :)

•    What do you consider yourselves, Smart Intelligent or Hardworking? (constraints you cant have all, but you can prioritize )
No teaser!

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