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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Girl Syndrome - The Unity in Animosity

Isn’t that a mouthful?! You would expect that I try justifying that, maybe relating an anecdote (fabricated or otherwise!)

Well I am about to do just that. This is called the pretty girl syndrome. It occurs when your are in the company of some extremely anatomically proportioned girl(s) (on a generic note females) and who take pride in displaying their curves. Assume you are roaming around in a market place or so, and you catch site of a competitive specimen.

At that point you can feel the tremors. Just wait and you would end up hearing comments like ”look how gawdy her dress is, isn’t she showing a bit too much of an attitude, Oh man look at the shameless gawkers all around the female, she seems to be  enjoying all of it ….bits and pieces of the above sentiment , at varying intervals of time.

Pretty females cannot tolerate another one of their type; they are united in their animosity towards their kind. I guess it must be some remnant of the ancient primeval emotion which springs from the wild side within the brains (yes there is one part of the human brain that regulates primeval desires such as hunger, sex, if you have ever snorted you would know!). This remnant of the emotion may be due to the fact that the females sense a threat to their own importance/existence, and somehow link it up with the possible loss of their mate (well a figure of speaking!!) protection.

Now consider the same situation, however replace the competitive females’ specimen with a male one and try and guess the reaction , of both the participant. To make it interesting , try extending the same analogy, as above :) :)

Just an observation, feminists please don’t get up in arms against me!

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