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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Earn to Burn or The Other Way Around ?

The former rarely holds true, the latter is mostly the norm. Think of it this way, most of the people are trying very hard to create cobwebs to trap them in. And once they are caught in the cobweb of their own making they struggle to get out.

I am no different (trying hard to create my web, but I am also putting in a secret escape passage!), just one from the crowd. But the way you perceive money changes, over time. I remember the first time I got a pay cheques I was so darned happy, I walked my family into a 5 star hotel, and my mother had a look at the menu card " 500 bucks for a dhal, I am not eating here and it stinks of burning flesh (Non Veg), I am out" She looked at me and the look on the face meant there was no chance for argument. My father and I meekly followed her out, my brother meanwhile wanted to look at 5 star restrooms, so was not at the table. Only when we walked out did we realize that he was still in. We waited outside and he walks out after some time and says laughingly," I asked the guard where did you go and he said, they ran away after seeing the menu”. Well, true partly.

Time passed and the principle of diminishing marginal utility kicked in, succeeding amounts were just a statistic on the account and the pleasure derived from each paisa spent as each paisa earned went down. But there was another kick which came in, the pleasure of earning money, not spending it, but earning it. It gave an ego boost.

So in essence there seems to be a cycle, first you seem to derive pleasure from blowing money, and that normally occurs when you start out; the amounts are well, low. As the incoming goes up, the propensity for it to go out seems to reduce and sometimes the Midas effect kicks in.

As I explained this to a colleague, he laughed out and said, “It is kind of true, for some people I know, but you know for me it has always been proportional :) Great going pal!!

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