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Friday, July 11, 2014


In the darkness of the night
The pale light shines slight
The finger perch over
Awaiting the chance for something clever
And the last chime of the cell
Causes a bit of flutter
It isn’t yet over…

It isn’t quite dinner
Someone it still staring at it all over
The calm is ready to give in to storm
When the women smiles over
Your heart does flutter
It isn’t yet over…

The paths are green
The breeze is slight
The sun is warm....the walk is relaxed 
The slight turns gusty
A warm hand snakes through fingers abruptly
Your hand does flutter
It isn’t yet over…

The days are long
The nights even longer
The dull light fogs over the smoke
The sounds do little to dim the clash
Your mind does flutter
It isn’t yet over…

When all the water simmers away to steam
When the cold pale light gives way to warm golden arcs
When the breeze is no longer a gust 
When the paths are all just grey
Staring at the dawn
Your eyes do flutter….
Realizing it isn’t yet over…
For it never truly began. ..

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