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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is it really like after an MBA?

A. Moral of a Generic Thought after Graduation 
    • Screw IT. Let me do an MBA and I will be an investment banker and earn filthy money.
    • “This isn’t what I sweated four years for”, would be the thought after engineering in most setups (IT by law of many and most!).”I am sure a MBA would do far more interesting work” is mostly the end thought.
B. Content of a Generic response in an MBA interview session 
I can get an end to end visibility which would give me a holistic approach to problem solving, that in turn could aid me leverage my knowledge and experience to provide out of the box solutions for pressing challenges.

If you had any one of the above ever during your life, there may be some faint existence of light at the end of your rather gloomy life. .........................See here

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