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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fruit !!


Lunch time and corridor conversations are often a sense of good time pass. I was returning from lunch, and I bumped into someone I know by sight. His name eludes and it still does but it does not stop me from having a chat.

“So had your lunch? “, he asked.

“Yep, this time it wasn’t the same old hotel, a new one and the food was ok not great. Beggars can’t be choosers …………….can they”?

Aha, then why beg pal? You can choose …

Aww not again man. Don’t go into the get married settle down route. I had heard it once already in the morning and it seems that that is the topic which people think of discussing with me these days.

Fine let’s play it out your way. I have developed an immense propensity for patience these days.

It is a great art, for I think of me drinking hot chocolate fudge and some Celtic fiddle in the background and just catch the buzz words in between their dialogue, repack and put it across. It is wonders as to what a little bit of third party assurance can do!!

“You know the fruit … “………I heard, which was not really conformal to the predictable route of such conversations.

“What fruit? “, I asked.

"You know that there is a fruit on a tree. Now there are two ways you can have this, either have it directly from the tree or wait. Wait for it to be plucked and washed. Then you wait for it to be delivered to the market in a nice box. Here you see it resplendent on the fruit stall, you take it get it home then you wash it then you cut it. These cut fruits are put on a plate and then you have it , maybe with some book or maybe in front of the TV. Which one do you think is better?"

Hahahaha, this must be a quality or process guy. Even casual conversations have a defined flow diagram in them, cut dry standards and zero tolerance for non conformance as well as kaizen incorporated to ensure any element of non rationality is squeezed out.

"I think I prefer the former one at least I have the fruit fresh and completely organic …….and I don’t have to wait", I replied with a wink.

Process centric answer was good it seems, for he started laughing and said" I was like you once too, a couple of years back, and now when I talk to you I am reminded of that time".

Alas!! That means that someday I would be like him? Accosting strangers in the passageway and recounting silly anecdotes..... If history is to be believed then the depressing answer was "yes".

And also,  I see that men , they never really grow up, they change from hot blooded to lecherous, but the inherent sentiment rarely changes. Consider an old cell phone, the speakers are out, the volume is diminished but when the right stimulus is given it ….vibrates (definite pun intended!!)

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