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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dharti-Putar !

That was the term with which I was described as recently.

I am narcissist, egotistical, chauvinist male pig and I won’t deny that at all. On the contrary I revel in it. But this term is a source of amusement for me for this came in from the most unlikely source in the most unlikely situation.

My needs are manifesting………… with renewed intensity. I had Noorie, once and I doubt if there is ever going to be anyone like her again, but Bangalore is different. Life here is lived in the ratio of 5:2 or sometimes 6:1 and continuance is not expected.

Everything is a quickie, and we have weekend benefits.

Reference here is drawn to one singular change, Facebook and of course this place where I put all my "mind trends". Got an intimation as to these “trends” seems interesting to someone ultra feminine by nature. I got wheels and the grace of Goddess Lakshmi so “bhavya milaap” is not an issue.

And my ……..oh…….. my, was it a milaap.

We met in one of the usual suspects; a coffee shop which I detest but hey dude it is so un-cool to be anywhere else.

Yakkity yack notwithstanding my eyes rested on the most obvious location of female anatomy. (That is statistically proven as well!!)

She reveled in the silent adulation.

After the silent show reel, but extensive visual exercise the vampire in me............. began the seduction act............. for the ultimate kiss of death.

Words, work well with females, and I have no paucity of them. Fringes of Robert Frost, sometimes Blyton thrown in seemed good enough for a post coffee walk time.

I was asked the predictable question of me being single or it’s contrary. I do not buy or believe in these terms, but something told me that this answers would not go down well with the intellectual image I inadvertently seemed to have projected.

I stopped dead in my tracks, as though I had hit a brick wall when poised to this question. A soliloquy began. Nostalgia lacing heavy in my voice is spun a tail of grief and heart break and the person responsible for all that being me and me alone.

That brief…….. Grief remembrance…….. Gave me……… a very helpless look.(methinks!)

No tears, but the tone was enough to convey that. I did not reach for any physical contact while recounting this tale, in fact it almost seemed that I had forgotten her presence.

Silence greeted me after this performance.

We walked more, and more and I was wondering why I had bought wheels a little bit more I would reach my abode itself.

I felt soft fingers clasp mine, and a powerful strawberry laced perfume smell which was nauseating.

“I had my share too and that bastard was.......just like you"!

Damm there goes a wasted weekend evening, no causality..........for actions........ no fruitful outcome ...........time and resources wasted.

"But, you seem like a true stereotypical man, the one they write ancient Hindi TV serials and movies on....I remember the song which my dad used to play featuring some Dileep Kumar clanging hand bells in a village....."She seemed to be searching for the name....

I replied..."I think you are referring to the film 'Gopi" , and the bhajan "ram chandra kah gaye siya se"....

Yeah exactly are like are like a ...she paused and said " dhartiputar “

I laughed!!

A full throat........ guileless laugh

And I said , " Kya baat hai kanya, i guess that is the best compliment you could have given me, for it truly typifies what I believe and live for. I guess I got to thank you...if not for anything else but for this word!!”

She looked at me with a mixture of disdain and pleasure

Suddenly with no warning; I leaned closer and gave her a hug. She tried fighting me, but her heart was not in it, and she relented and gave soft thumps on my back.

She seemed like a very soft pillow, which had strawberry sauce split on it.I never realized my length and strength when as I released her she said " your arms............they are like iron rods"

I let go of her and said.....”Good Night! It was nice meeting you!

“Are you just going to leave at that”? She asked a trifle surprised.

“No I am going to walk you back, put you in some transportation mode and leave”, I replied with a smile.

We began our trek back.

“Dude, I really do not think we can get along as mates, but I guess we can be good friends”, she said.

“Are we talking about friends with benefits”, I asked mischievously.

“You watch Big Bang?!” She asked incredulously.


“I like Wallowitz “she said with a smile.

Needless to say, the return trip seemed faster (thank you Big Bang).

“Can you drop me?”, she asked as we neared the shop.

"That is a 220 CC engine, I have not bought it for a Luna work.I won’t drive slow, so if you ride with me you will have to either clutch me , or the rear handle bars, for if you fall and die I cannot have that on my conscience.............. my life I can play with .....not others"

“Do you take an effort to be rude, or is it natural “.She asked.

I ignored the barb and flicked the starter. Revving the engine I asked, “Where do you live”?

“That is gigantic presumption................. that I am riding with you”, she said with her hands akimbo.

I revved the engine a bit more in response to her statement.

Sighing, she walked ………and sat cross legged on the bike.

 The strawberry smell hit me again and I asked.....

“Do you take an effort to be a fruit or is it natural”?.

She leaned her face on my back and said softly, “Just drive, dharti-putar”.


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