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Friday, January 28, 2011

Instantaneous Strongly Opposite Emotions :)

This is graphic.Please exercise your discretion

It was a Sunday mid morning time, a time when you are on the bed, awake...................... but savoring the calm, or rather the absence of rush.

However at the same time it is nostalgic too.

This is the the time each bachelor away from home, living in a hostel craves for family, the most. When for the first caffeine fix, you need to walk to some hole in the wall, when you stare with disdain at the bulging bag of dirty clothes, and by contrast the clean cloths rack, and when the only thing stopping you from a shower is the lack of clean underwears

But, for some curious reason I like washing, ironing clothes.

The reason for this like is actually a story, (not like the Dame Washlot of "The Enchanted Tree" of Enid Blyton fame)

Now the flesh behind this story is missing, so I am going to add some of my own, but the skeleton frame is real and true.

People can be broadly classified as random or structured.

Randomness is non conformance

And most of the non conformers, would be concerned with pursuits such as painting, singing, drawing or performing arts. Such kinds................. on a pessimistic shrink analysis............ seem to suffer from a very low degree of self esteem or................... a low degree of external control, (Mom hugged little as a child, or Daddy was never around!).

Hence the latent requirement for approval .....................manifests in the form of performances. (This definition has some exceptions too…biggest being me!)

Random people will never like structured, predictable or in other words mundane activities, cleaning ironing etc etc.

Why? The presence of a structure somehow contradicts with their creative bent of mind. They kind of seem to extend the analogy of boundary conditions to their thoughts and they seem themselves kind of constrained.

Structured people are conformal to the norm.

These are generally intellectually driven towards the noble pursuits of sciences(not technology rather sciences). You see them as scientists, doctors, trying to figure out some sense in cosmic dust, smashing high energy particles in LHC (Large Haderon Collider – CERN).

Now such people are again of two types – one who are meticulous other are  random, cluttered. 

However, all such people like structure. This is because their work is so unstructured so prone to clearing a path that their mind welcomes some place where it is all defined, refreshingly simple and mind numbingly mundane.

In fact one noble prize winner said he liked knitting. Some like to garden, yet others like to clean their vehicle, walk their dog etc etc.

Now when I read about this someplace, my mind tried to rationalize the thought. I am nowhere close to winning a noble prize, but there is nothing stopping me from trying to emulate great minds is what I thought.

Knitting, somehow I thought of pink. A gay alert siren went off in my mind. Yuck no ways.

Gardening requires a garden and garden needs a place called home, not a hostel.

Laundry, yeah laundry that is good, I can do it and at least give myself the false illusion of being in the league of brain energy.

With sun warming my bare back, and the steady drip of water, I began “brush”, “soak” “lather”, “rinse”, and “soak”, on and on.

"Why the hell are you washing clothes, throw a 100 and be done with it", said D as he walked up with a fag on his lips.

I like distributing gyaan, and I kind of liked D with his simplicity and lack of any kind of hypocrisy.

With a smile I tried to explain the above analysis. I added to it the need for structure and, particularly my fanatical desire for the lack of my dependence on anything or anyone.

"So you mean to say, that a mundane, repetitive activity, like this kind of legitimizes or paves way for a nobler out put", D asked.

" Yep D that is it " !  , I reply.

D was thoughtful form some time.

" It can be any activity but subject to the above filters you just described?" , he asked.

" I think so " , I reply.

" Excellent Rajan, so that means the activity has to be simple …it is harmonic and it has to have motion " , D finishes with a flourish

I did not like his tone, and his explanation of simple harmonic motion. Early warning beeps ,  in my head began ..................that this message was not conveyed to him.

" Aha I do it daily then no wonder I am good at my work.",  he said.( he is in Predictive Analytics! btw)

Damm the D!!! Here I am trying to explain something, and that horny ass thinks of is gratification.

I was irritated but feeling smiley at the same time.

You do whatever; guys like D would never hesitate to call a spade a spade, always link off any conversation to the carnal needs.

However, their manner of relation to carnal desires every time would be so simple and unique and so darn logical, that it somehow will not incite a feeling of revulsion in you. It is like the difference between a porn movie and an erotic one.
One bores whereas the other excites , but both show the same flesh.( I will not specify which is what !! )


R-A-J said...

You got that right! There's always a 'D' in everyone's life...I know a guy who's almost just like dat. :)

Best of luck!!!

Here's my story:

Srikant Rajan said...

nice entry of yours !! have Trouble believing it is real though :)

p00ja said...

Such things happen, thats what life is all about!
wish u luck.