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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why do we Love un-real Reality Shows?

Move over reality shows now we have reality nightmares. For instance we have screeching females in a graveyard bathed in a greenish hue (MTV, I got a fright today morning when some hyper woman was screaming “Ranvijay” in a early morning promotion)

We also have something called "Buddies"  where the same buddies are plotting with and against others on  how to win over females (Channel V) and “dates" out on with a gay specimen of a host (Again V)

Roadies were the tipping point in entertainment. Never before was profanity so fashionable, Raghuram and his bald pate, and the faulty beepers have made everyone aware of the 'chods" and all. Aggression became cool and profanity the evidence of attitude (I guess the intention is the "cool dude", one but I could never understand what a "dude" means ….enlighten anyone please!!)

Funnily as I rant on the depth of emotions and reality in these so called "reality shows”, I am looking forward to watching them too.

The advertised and exaggerated fallibility & weakness of participants..... gives me an inflated sense of understanding of my limited strengths.

As in Shakespeare we had Orlando who was weeping besides a river , “ Why do you weep here, the river already has so much water, a little more won’t make any difference(principle of diminishing marginal utility huh Shakespeare?!).

In the same vein......... weaknesses I have aplenty, I don’t want to be reminded of them, but it does no bad to be reminded of my strengths.

 I can relate a nice incident which happened over last week over a meal with a new acquaintance. That guy is currently lady hunting to start building his proverbial nest and he is a hot commodity in the marriage-place.25 it seems is the primary meetings he has had........ and the funnel rate is only 2.

He says, “ Rajan I believe the anatomically well proportioned female always prefers the not so ideal specimen of masculinity……….I  believe it is because it gives them an inflated sense of understanding of their virtues(real and perceived)!! , and also this is true the other way around( that was a wicked inference pal …very wicked..good luck with the other 2 will need it seems ! )

 It is the same thought that has propelled Rakhi Sawant has the queen of reality shows and Raghuram to run roadies for seven seasons, and Ranvijay to launch a girl’s night out a.k.a phategi

In JWT terms, the discovery that propelled launch of reality shows and ensured their success could be summarized as “Humans have always found it easy to bond over grief and that is weird. Grief and sadness are the glue to friendship or for that matter relationships.

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