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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Secret of the ZhooZhoos

This one,  is a piece I did for Vodafone, in one of their promos(Social Media), the time when IPL and ZhooZhoos were in rage. Just added one last corollary , a rather wicked one !!

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of Zululand in one if the many far off places. The inhabitants of Zululand - Zhozhoos, were small curvy people but the curves were kind of wrongly formed according to prevalent perceptions of beauty (not necessarily synonymous with cute !) 

As is with such places there was a king and some people carrying off their happy existence. But wait there is a twist .The king of Zululand was not happy. Days passed, and after a lot of rather futile attempts by the Zhoozhoos the king continued to sulk.

Now this presented a problem to the native Zhozhoos who are by nature very happy people. The wise Zhozhoos met together and decided to explore one of the many far off lands in search of a cure to help their king. In one of their excursions they stumbled to a place which we commonly refer to as India. 

When they landed they came across another funny creature with four legs, a flat squashed face, a stub of a tails and a pink tongue continuously lolling out. It was continuously following a small boy. Up they went in a swing, a cave, a house but the creature kept following with its stub of a pink tongue hanging around. Interestingly, the boy tried his best to shoo away the creature, but it kept following under the name of something called the “network”

Eureka! , said the smart Zhozhoos. We take the pink tongued creature with us to make our king happy. The smart ones were right indeed, the king took the creature in, it followed him everywhere and the king loved it. Everybody was happy with this.

Wait, everybody??

Nopes back in India there was a flurry on the disappearance of the creature. In particular a certain hot shot guy (boss) was shouting at his smart new manager (no prizes for guessing the B-School!) to find his network or face the music. The manager managed to zero on to Zululand (thanks to Google) and off they both went to find their “network”

The boss landed in Zululand, and said to the king” You have my network, give it back to me this instant.” The king didn’t like the look of the man and shook his head. 

The boss shouted, the creature barked and the king became angry .It looked...... like war!

In steps the manager with a beatific smile on his face and says “ Sir, we don’t need the network , no more” 

What do you mean asked the boss rather irritated, the smart guy said , “ we can give these people network and take them along with us, this way we can get VAS”

The boss looked up. His eyes moved from the manager, to the king and landed on the “network”. Then, something clicked!

The rest as they say is history. The boss (Vodafone, in case you haven’t guessed it!!) got his VAS and the king got his network.

But now the ZhooZhoos wanted more, much much more than the IPL, but when offered the CWG, they said

हमारा भी ............कोई सम्मान है ...इज्ज़त है ....घराना है!!

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