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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good for you Sirjee !!

Sir finally got it!!

One of the few great people, I met at B-school met salvation at last. It is uncanny as to how he landed up in a profile that was almost tailor made for his likes and skills.

I had a chance call with him while updating about my status at Bangalore and his happiness was contagious. For a minute I shelved under the rug (or rather beside the railway track, which incidentally is near my place!!), all my worries and immediate concerns.

Happiness is indeed best when shared, (Christopher Mc Candlass), and a corollary to it, sorrow/pain is a solitary activity.

Now, a little about this guy, an absolute genius. He however ended up in a place that did not quite do justice to his intelligence, or to use modern colloquialism a shit hole, shoveling shit.

He says, “I had almost resigned myself to this place, and then I saw you fighting to get out, and I thought why not I too try it, and see now ended up with more than offer, and all are better than this one, I kind of owe it to you pal"

I said, so you are also a little mad now huh !!

"Not mad, but rather I am not ready to compromise at least on the work part of my life"

Good for you sirjee !

It pays to fight, for the reward is unique each time. Familiarity breeds comfort and that in turn gives rise to complacency, which in turn gives an impetus to inherent laziness in every one.

I have heard a lot about my antics""You are 25, how long will you skip jobs, remember a rolling stone gathers no moss, it is time you start planning ahead”

Career planning is an oxymoron; best things in life are a function of serendipity. 

Now I am not implying that you spend life like Ivan the lazy, sitting wide open mouthed under a cherry tree waiting for the cherry to fall in your mouth. Rather I am just saying that opportunities, by definition are un-modeled, they just arise as a complex function of life, surroundings and friends.

It is useful to have a general idea of what you end up doing but do not end up in a iron straight jacket, or rather with an ostrich mentality with head inside the ground as a fantasy to not see the imminent attack, or an opportunity.

 I have never ever compromised on my liking, I tried once and it just did not work out. Money is a statistic, with a very low diminishing marginal utility, function. Out of 24 hrs in .a day( I am not taking into account the leap year part of it), close to 70% you end up doing something to fulfill your cardinal desires. If you don’t like it, then it is akin to murdering your soul, your existence.

There are so many compromises we end up making, but compromising, 70% of your life, well statistically significant isn’t it?

I believed I could find solace in splurging, but that did not work. In fact, I felt even shittier.

Murder my soul to earn money and try to spend it to compensate for murder, ahhh...that is like a gang rape on your existence, post death( necrophilia, argh, what a morbid thought indeed)

You can see those people who have done that for a long time, you can see it in their shoulders, and more importantly their eyes, the resigned acceptance of futility of existence. (Btw Bangalore is full of them!!)

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