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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happiness = LSD !!

Naah I m not talking about corrupting the sensory perccetions using stimulants.I came across this neat acronym on Devdutt’s writes, which inceidentally I have begun reading about a lot these days.

LSD = Lakshmi Sarswati and Durga, or the parameters of money knowledge and power is the way I understand.This is differnrt from what Devdutt opines, and that indeed is the beauty of fables myths, for what one learns and understands from it varies. It is akin to the favorites on has in terms of actors, movies and other general stuff.

Being the malfunctioning corportation called the MBA( adpated from the famous Gordon Geckko speech on “greed”), I assumed it to be a simple linear equation such that f(happiness) = Al + Bs + Cd( l, s d being the LSD).
Why do we need all the three to be happy ?

Lots of knowledge with no power is akin to having acess to an excellent cook book but nothing to cook with, that is no practical utility(something akin to"  जंगल में मोर नाचा किसने देखा  "??? ).

Power pushes the application of knowledge, and hence drives the passion for its pursuit.Taking the example of cooking, unless you actually make the mess of a dish you would never know if your knolwedge of making it was falliable or otherwise.Subsititue cooking with any other verb ( definetly pun intended !!)

Where does money come into play in all of this , for isn’t the pursuit of money at definete odds with knowledge ? Indeed that was the philosphy with wchich the great Shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan lived his entire life , he refused to trade his art for money, for he rightly feared that it might corrupt his passion and make him pursue the so called worldly desires !!

Closer home, who makes more money a Phd, or a busniess man ?? Tha indeed is a no brainer, but again knowledge isnt entirely something that is text bookish, as in the above case both the characters are knowledgable howere the areas of their knowledge differ and herein lies the catch !!

PS – I wrote all this in a flow, as advised by veterans, and when I tried reading back it makes sense …….. but just a wee little bit…………. call it…….. the creators bias.

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