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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smoke Drink and Politics

Heard about the story of the 99 year old man on to celebrate his centennial? He stands up all beaming and addresses the gathering “For my entire life I haven not smoked, drank , or partied till late in the night , and see I stand before you today to celebrate my 100th birthday "

Someone asks, rather bewildered, " Celebrate, but How?!!" And the crowd bursts laughing. !! :)

Well, did the old man really, lose on a lot in his life? The universe, functions in opposites if there is light there has to be darkness, albeit after twilight. So if indeed there has been a loss there has to be gain, commensurate or otherwise. What did he gain?

He gained power and respect. He was incorruptible; his skills were what Prahlad would refer to as core competence, rare, applicable over a variety of situations, and to a certain extent inimitable. Purity scares people, discipline makes them fear you and respect you. And add to that a mix of spontaneity and intellect you are as good as fire and fuel, separated by a layer of polythene kept in a shaded tree in the summer of Chennai. The shade protects you, and the heat threatens you.

An incorruptible man is a dangerous being, because he cannot be bullied, threatened or blackmailed. Yes, there is flip side too as Chankaya says, because straight trees are always cut the first. Such people when fall; fall very hard, and break down with no hint of being put back together.

And btw to answer to the mans question , the oldie says” Tonight I smoke like a house on fire, drink like a fish , stone like a junkie and bang like a hormonally excessesed teen. "

Denial indeed in this case had made him capable to enjoy the accentuated pleasure :)

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