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Monday, June 7, 2010

Men will be Men........ Indeed !

We had some exotic female specimens at our mess, it happens often cause some research or the other often seems to be going around.Never mind that the statistics don't change on the poverty or the per ca-pita income, research should continue !

My colleague's eyes roved over one............ anatomically well ........correct specimen for a time slightly longer than what could be considered a polite and acknowledging glimpse.I gave him a grin and he returned back." That sure does brighten up a day in Chennai " he replied to my grin.I asked him,"pal mere sight is of no use, your are not Joy Keats(A thing of beauty is a joy forever fame),what happens after that"

To this he replied," It isn't about the sight, it is more about the fact that we are conditioned or fabricated that way.Males on an average think about sex and associated activities every 7 odd seconds.Contrast that with females who do it only about once a minute. (check the numbers, they may not be accurate but would augur well for comparison sake)."

Now isn't that piece of information a solace for many ...ahem heartbroken or should I say.... rebuffed males ?!

It is uncanny what dinner table conversations can throw up :)

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